Our Philosophy

Pollen Nation exists to serve the environment, communities and individuals who choose to make a difference with their actions and product choices. Pollen Nation's main aim is to support pivotal pollinator species. Our goal is to increase their habitat and food sources. Together we can plant change! 

Our Story

Pollen Nation has blossomed out of multiple passions. Our owner, Janna made a career shift in 2009 from marketing to conservation. Learning about our natural environment completely re-directed her career and activated a true passion. She continued by taking on new hobbies. It began innocently enough with planting native wildflowers which led her to fall in love with her first pollinator species, honey bees! 

Led by the wisdom of the bees, an opportunity to serve became clear. Not only could Pollen Nation support bee habitat but it could support multiple pollinator species. Serving those, who serve us, is just one piece of wisdom watching bees has bestowed. 

 Picture of owner